Our Community

Jacqueline Groll ’15 is an AP Studio Art student, chair of the annual “Walk the Walk” for Cancer, and President of the National Art Honors Society (NAHS). She plans to study art and business management upon graduation from Miami Country Day School.

Several years ago, her aunt was diagnosed with cancer, and Jackie wanted to help those within her community suffering from this terrible disease. Jacqueline thought that Barbie dolls, an object familiar to children, would be a creative way to teach children about the disease. Jackie proposed an idea to the members of NAHS to first remove the hair of the Barbie Dolls to represent the stages of chemotherapy, and later on to paint beautiful designs and replicas of famous works of art upon theskin of the dolls. The students then held a private auction at the school’s event, “Evening of the Arts.” With the money Jacqueline and the members of National Art Honors Society raised, they bought children’s art supplies to donate to children who are diagnosed with cancer and other terminal diseases.

Art and philanthropy run through Jackie’s veins. Over the summer, Jacqueline visited South Africa. She went to the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg where she volunteered to help comfort and teach children and elderly about art and drawing techniques. Jacqueline hopes to return to South Africa, where she will then teach the people within the townships and other communities about the Barbie Doll Project.

Jacqueline Groll