Success Stories

Natasha Cirisano '11

Natasha Cirisano ’11
Fine Arts
University of Southern California ’15

Natasha has worked at TBWA, one of the top ten advertising agencies in the world. She is currently studying abroad at the Australian National University.

“The foundational skills that prepared me so well for college-level arts courses began in high school—color theory, human figure, composition, and even project time management have proved invaluable here at USC. The greatest thing about MCDS is the opportunity for self-directed projects within the classroom environment.”

Navi Rawat '95

Navi Rawat ’95
Television, Film

Navi led the cast of Project Greenlight’s foray into horror, Feast. She recently starred in the film Ocean of Pearls and the hit CBS crime drama Numb3rs. Navi has also starred in television’s 24, The O.C., Castle, Burn Notice, Justified, and Grey’s Anatomy. Additional film credits include House of Sand and Fog and Wanted: Undead or Alive.

“I will always be grateful for the foundation Miami Country Day School provided me: an exemplary education that encouraged intellectual curiosity, discipline, and independence as well as creative expression. These attributes have been invaluable both in the professional and personal aspects of my life.”

Conor Clancy '04

Conor Clancy ’04
Business Professional

Conor is a Senior Sales Executive for AT&T Premier Client Group. He studied Psychology at Amherst College.

“My experiences with the arts at MCDS are lasting memories that I will always cherish. From my humble beginnings in 6th grade band, I fell in love with learning and playing music. Thanks to Mr. Wicker, I improved each and every year.

Even though music is not my profession, I use the values of teamwork, dedication, and excellence instilled in me at MCDS in my job with AT&T’s Global Business Solutions Division.”

Kate Creeden Neckel '94

Kate Creeden Neckel ’94
Visual Arts

Kate’s first book, Start Now, Repeat It, will be published in September 2015. She has a bedding & home collection Kate Neckel for Bassetti, and her illustrations are also featured in the upcoming book The Soup Club Cookbook (January 2015).

“Mr. Larzelere’s class gave me the encouragement to start developing my personal style, and he got me thinking about what I like and why…

Not only did he give me a sense of freedom, but also the studio space and the garden at MCDS helped to nurture that sense of freedom/exploration.”

Adam Epstein '92

Adam Epstein ’92
Tony Award Winning Producer

Adam is known for his work on Hairspray: The Musical, A View From the Bridge, The Wedding Singer, and revivals of The Crucible and Amadeus on Broadway.

“Academic challenges provided incredible preparation for the real world challenges I’ve faced since graduating. Tenacity and an unwavering work ethic are essential to being a successful and well-rounded person, and I thank Country Day for allowing me to learn such invaluable tools, which are now part of my DNA. I think the reason I got to where I am is because I was so committed to doing it, and I was doing it so long so young.”

Emily Estefan '14

Emily Estefan ’13
Berklee College of Music ’17

Emily scored music for the movie A Change of Heart and recently released an untitled solo album. She is currently studying music at Berklee College of Music.

“Contemporary Music Ensemble meant everything to me. In addition to being a family, CME provided us with an opportunity to touch people and inspire others. We had to work really hard, and being in this environment with the people and teachers were essential in getting me where I am now. It’s definitely a lasting relationship.”

Kashi Fulton '11

Kashif Fulton ’11
Harvard College ’15

Kashif is studying economics and has served as a Director of the Expressions Dance Company, Harvard’s premier Hip-Hop dance group.

“I would like to thank my family for always serving as a support system for all of my endeavors. My mother, Juliette Fulton, has always been behind me with encouraging words that are constantly on loop in my head. I would also like to thank my Aunt Annette Fulton—“my second mother,” according to my mom. Since the 6th grade, Jonina Pitchman has been an inspiring mentor to me, and I have to thank her! I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without all of your help.”

Cara Bloch '92

Cara Bloch ’92

Cara’s images of rock stars have appeared in many of the most important music and culture magazines, including Rolling Stone, Vibe, and Spin. She has also done work for MTV, Universal Music, Island Def Jam, Interscope, Sony, and Rock the Vote.

“As a young girl, I was given a polaroid. This camera enabled me to understand things happening around me. It was the push from the teachers that gave me the opportunity to create a career out of the norm of what a woman would usually choose as a career path.”

Nick Richberg '96

Nick Richberg ’96
Theater, Television, Film
Actor & Entrepreneur

2014 Carbonell Award winner for Best Actor/Play, Peter and the Starcatcher, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the University of Miami

"Miami Country Day, for me, was a supportive, empowering place that allowed me to develop as an artist far beyond what I believe I could have done in any other environment. Names like John Wicker, Terry Alfonso, Sandi Lewis, and so many others outside the rehearsal room are names etched on the cornerstones not only of my career, but also of my creativity, confidence, and sense of self. As an actor, musician, and entrepreneur, I balance my time among activities on stage and television as well as my real estate company. Moreover, I work in PR and fundraising for the nonprofit theater in which I believe so passionately. My belief that the individual has not only the ability but the responsibility to make an impact comes directly from MCDS. The fact that to this day I’m often greeted at stage doors by the supportive MCDS family is a constant reminder that my time there not only gave me invaluable tools, but, more importantly, the courage to use them."