The stage is set...
the time is now...

Miami Country Day School’s commitment to the education of the whole child means that the arts are not considered extracurricular. The arts are essential to the school’s Mission. Considering this and current facilities, it is very clear that the area where there is the greatest and most immediate opportunity to impact the lives of our students is in the Arts. What our faculty and students have been able to accomplish at this point is amazing when we consider that enrollment has for the most part trended upward for the last 25 years with modest amounts of instructional space being added to the visual and performing arts program.

Lower, Middle, and Upper School Art classes are still being taught in the same classrooms that they were 30 years ago. The difference is that our enrollment has more than doubled since the completion of the Garner Center in 1982.

The Visual Arts teachers have a combined classroom space that also serves as storage and a “gallery.” The addition of The Gallery in the Franco Center has provided a greater opportunity to share artwork, and further opportunity will be provided for students in the Center for the Arts.

The Nathan Hurst ’89 Outdoor Amphitheater has been a great addition to our facilities thanks to the support of our Parents’ Association, and it does provide a wonderful venue for some of our arts programming. However, it was never intended to be a substitute for a performing arts theater.

Dance and Drama are currently housed in a building that will eventually be torn down based on the Campus Master Plan and future fundraising efforts. Drama and Dance have never had a permanent home on this campus. These programs have been moved from one place to another over the years.

What role can I play in the Campaign for the Arts?

Miami Country Day School is ready to raise the curtain on a new era of Arts education. Thank you for your consideration of a donation that will support a Center for the Arts that will be transformational for our arts programs, students, teachers, and the community.

How can I be part of our next masterpiece?

We invite you to ask questions and explore the website, There are many ways you can enjoy tax and income benefits while also supporting The Campaign for the Arts at Miami Country Day School. Pledges can be paid over a five-year period, and we can talk about the most appropriate option for you: an outright cash gift, retirement assets, or appreciated securities. Please contact Sheryl Piper, Director of Development at 305-779-7273 or Bruce J. (Buzzy) Tabatchnick, Director of Leadership Gifts at
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