Our Program

For us, the arts are not an extracurricular
but instead are essential to the Mission
of Miami Country Day School.

Visual Arts

On any given day one can walk through the Art rooms to observe students painting crane portraits, building coil pots, printing photographs, and creating Panamanian molas. Learning to observe the world through their own artistic lens, students use their individual vision to innovate and create art that is uniquely their own.


Our young Thespians explore the world of drama both on stage and behind the scenes. Involvement in skits, one-act and full-length plays, and musicals develops poise, confidence, and stage presence. Through curricular and
extracurricular programs, every student is challenged to think critically in accurately expressing human emotions and exploring his or her inner actor!


Body confidence, grace, and movement through space are just a few of the skills explored in our Dance program. These students collaborate and communicate powerfully without word through this physical manifestation of artistic expression.


In our diverse Music program, PK-3 students singing and dancing with scarves are building foundations for participation in our Early Bird Orchestra and more. Young musicians learn the joys of composition and collaboration in ensemble experiences through both classical and improvisational training. Opportunities for vocal and instrumental performance range in genres from Baroque to Jazz to Contemporary and beyond.


Miami Country Day School promotes the six potentials—Aesthetic, Spiritual, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional—toward the goal of educating the whole child.

Anchored in an understanding of what constitutes appropriate developmental arts education, the goal of the Arts Department faculty is to share the joy and importance of artistic expression with their students and the community.